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We have superior quality, competitive pricing and great customer service.

 We have a full inventory of tires on hand. We have all sizes smooth or traction, press on tires, all solid pneumatics and pneumatics We have any and every size to fit your forklift. 


Here is a list of the most common tires that we carry

Press On Solids
  Press On Solids      
Tire Size Tread Weight Capacity  
9x5x5 S/T 13 1740 lbs.  
10x4x6¼ S/T 12 1420 lbs.  
10x5x6¼ S/T 15 1840 lbs.  
10x6x6¼ S/T 18 2300 lbs.  
10x4x6½ S/T 12 1620 lbs.  
10x5x6½ S/T 15 1840 lbs.  
10x6x6½ S/T 18 2350 lbs.  
10½x5x5 S/T 16 1990 lbs.  
10½x6x5 S/T 20 2530 lbs.  
10½x5x6½ S/T 16 1940 lbs.  
10½x6x6½ S/T 20 2410 lbs.  
12×4½x8 S/T 18 1890 lbs.  
12×6½x8 S/T 25 2930 lbs.  
13×4½x8 S/T 20 2030 lbs.  
13½x5½x8 S/T 26 2730 lbs.  
14×4½x8 S/T 23 2120 lbs.  
15x5x11¼ S/T 26 2520 lbs.  
15x6x11½ S/T 31 3120 lbs.  
15x8x11¼ S/T 42 4340 lbs.  
15½x5x10 S/T 29 2670 lbs.  
15½x6x10 S/T 35 3380 lbs.  
16x5x10½ S/T 31 2730 lbs.  
16x6x10½ S/T 37 3460 lbs.  
16x7x10½ S/T 45 4200 lbs.  
16¼x5x11¼ S/T 30 2760 lbs.  
16¼x6x11¼ S/T 37 3480 lbs.  
16¼x7x11¼ S/T 44 4190 lbs.  
17x5x12⅛ S/T 31 4320 lbs.  
18x5x12⅛ S/T 36 2980 lbs.  
18x6x12⅛ S/T 44 3800 lbs.  
18x7x12⅛ S/T 53 4620 lbs.  
18x8x12⅛ S/T 60 5440 lbs.  
18x9x12⅛ S/T 68 6270 lbs.  
20x8x16 S/T 61 5460 lbs.  
21x7x15 S/T 64 5200 lbs.  
21x8x15 S/T 73 6130 lbs.  
21x9x15 S/T 82 7060 lbs.  
22x8x16 S/T 77 6340 lbs.  
22x9x16 S/T 85 7310 lbs.  
22x12x16 S/T 121 10,200 lbs.  
T = Traction
S = Smooth

Solid Pneumatic Tires

    Solid Pneumatic Tires        
Tire Size Rim Design Weight Diameter Load  
400×8 3.75 in. RIB 29 16 “ 2105 lbs.  
500×8 3.0 in. LUG 40 18 “ 1800 lbs.  
600×9 4.0 in. LUG 62 21 “ 4200 lbs.  
650×10 5.0 in. LUG 81 23 “ 4850 lbs.  
700×12 5.0 in. LUG 112 26.25 “ 6800 lbs.  
700×15 5.5 in. LUG 131 28.25 “ 6950 lbs.  
750×15 5.5 in. LUG 145 30 “ 8600 lbs.  
750×15 6.5 in. LUG 165 30 “ 9000 lbs.  
*815×15 7.0 in. LUG 130 27.25 “ 7400 lbs.  
825×15 5.5 in. LUG 198 32.5 “ 8600 lbs.  
825×15 6.5 in. LUG 212 32.5 “ 9200 lbs.  
900×20 6.5 in. LUG 352 40 “ 13,200 lbs.  
900×20 7.0 in. LUG 372 40 “ 13,400 lbs.  
1000×20 8.0 in. LUG 382 41 “ 12,320 lbs.  
1200×20 8.0 in. LUG 484 43 “ 16,200 lbs.  
1400×24 10.0 in. LUG 859 51 “ 20,365 lbs.  

* 815×15 & 28x9x15 are interchangeable sizes

Wide Profile


    Wide Profile        
Tire Size Rim Design Weight Diameter Load  
15×4.5-8 3.25 in. LUG 24 14.9 “ 1570 lbs.  
16×6-8 4.33 in. LUG 37 15.3 “ 2300 lbs.  
18×7-8 4.33 in. LUG 50 17.6 “ 2905 lbs.  
21×8-9 6.00 in. LUG 80 21.5 “ 4480 lbs.  
23×9-10 6.50 in. LUG 107 22.9 “ 6385 lbs.  
27×10-12 8.00 in. LUG 172 26.1 “ 7735 lbs.  
250×15 7.50 in. LUG 176 28.5 “ 7460 lbs.  
300×15 8.00 in. LUG 255 32.5 “ 9550 lbs.  
650×16 5.50 in. LUG 124 29.5 “ 5490 lbs.  
800×16 5.50 in. LUG 177 32 “ 6310 lbs.  


Forklift Tires Orange County – The Forklift Solutions Difference

Are you looking for a honest and reliable forklift tires Orange County provider? For the past decade forklift solutions has been delivering quality pricing on brand new forklift tires Orange County and also installing them. Many folks think that purchasing forklift tires is just like purchasing regular tires however choosing the wrong tires will mean that they wear down their tread to fast as well as losing money to fuel costs. Forklift tires are extra important as they will be lifting heavy weights and need to be properly installed to ensure load safety and the safety of your driver.

If you have noticed that your tires are starting to wear or your forklift isn’t operating as it should simply give your local forklift tires Orange County experts at Forklift Solutions a call and we will remedy the issue for you the first time out. We are a small family owned and operated forklift tires Orange County dealer and are committed to customer service. Because we are a small family owned operation we are able to keep our over head low and present you with the best pricing on all of your forklift tires Orange County needs.

We work with all makes and models of forklifts including solid, pneumatic and polyurethane tires. If it rolls and lifts we will have the tires you need to keep your business running. We also will deliver them to your office and install them on the spot. Since we are committed to customer service you will see that our attention to detail with your machine is unmatched.

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Save Both Time and Money – Forklift Tires Orange County

You can save your business hours and money by simply using us for all of your forklift tires Orange County needs. Fuel consumption is seriously effected by the rolling resistance of the tires on your forklift. Have one of our forklift tires Orange County experts come to your location and take a look at your floor so we can give you the right tires that will save your business thousands per year on fuel. Once we have a general idea of what types of forklift tires Orange County you need we can give you the proper tires with the correct tread patterns and width to keep your forklift from having accidents.

If your forklift works mainly outside you will need a pneumatic or polyurethane tire that can stand up to those tough outside conditions and will balance the load correctly. For narrow aisle type of warehouses you might need something completely different. We always make sure to keep your forklift Osha compliant. Be sure to tell us what types of handling and turning radius constraints you have when it comes to your forklift and we will do our best to match you with the quality forklift tires Orange County that you need to keep your business on track and lifting every single day. We will give you may different pricing options on your manufacturer approved forklift tires Orange County.

We always keep a wide variety of forklift tires Orange County instock and ready when you need them. If for some reason we don’t have your tires in stock we will always go above and beyond and order the correct tires for you at no additional charge.


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We Bring The Tires To You – Forklift Tires Orange County

Here at Forklift Solutions we understand how important your forklift is to your and your business. If your Forklift is not running you are losing money and time. Forklift Solutions offers 24/7 emergency repairs. In many situations you simply can’t wait to have your forklift back running again which is why we invite you to call us anytime day or night. For many of our customers we have the tires you need in stock and ready to be installed. We also offer 24/7 emergency repairs for any part of your forklift.

We also bring the entire workshop to you with our state of the art truck that is equipped to handle any type of problem that your forklift may be facing. We look forward to adding you to our long list of happy forklift tires Orange County customers. All of our past customers attest to our way of doing business and also report that once they use our services that their forklifts have an improved life span and never fatigue and are much more comfortable in general to ride around in.

We will always do our best to ensure your forklift is outfitted with the proper OSHA compliant tires that will give you the best return on your money. Contact us soon to get the balling rolling on any of your forklift tires Orange County needs.

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Green Energy Contractor – Forklift Tires Orange County

Here at Forklift Solutions we do everything we can to protect the environment which is why we offer clean and green ways to dispose of your forklift batteries and tires. By simply using Forklift Solutions as your forklift tires Orange County contractor you will be doing a great service to the environment and reducing your carbon foot print. We make sure to outfit your forklift with the correct tires that will give your forklift the optimal energy efficiency.

If you are looking to get away from energy consuming forklifts all together we have many options available to you ranging from solar charging forklifts and chargers to electric forklifts which when used in conjunction with our energy efficient forklift tires Orange County you will be doing your part to help reduce your carbon foot print and also saving money.

We look forward to hearing from you and giving you a free estimate on your next set of forklift tires Orange County. Give us a call today and one of our forklift tire experts will come to your office or warehouse for a free estimate. We work with all makes and models including Barrett, Yale, Toyota , Caterpillar, Crown, Hyster, Linde, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Raymond.